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Shipping Policy


The item prices on the website do not include shipping. The shipping will be computed when you start the checkout process as they are based on weight of items to be shipped and your shipping address, once this info has been entered the shipping charge will be calculated and your available shipping methods will be presented to you.

How your order is processed.

We process orders as we receive them please allow one to two business days for processing . Please Note in November, December and the month leading up to Saint Patrick's Day and also Easter orders may take longer to process due to the volume of orders we receive , at these times we ask that you place your order early to ensure timely delivery.


Choosing a shipping method.

UPS Next day air: If you order products Monday we will process and ship your order Tues with a scheduled delivery for Wednesday. If however you select this option on an order placed on Thursday your order will be processed and shipped on Friday with a delivery date for Saturday, UPS has an additional charge for Saturday delivery , in this case we would always contact you to see if you want delivery for Saturday or else we will ship it on Monday to arrive on Tuesday.

UPS 2nd day air: If you order your products on Monday it will be processed on Tuesday , allow one to two Business Days for delivery. Perishable goods only shipped Mon, Tues, Weds please read Shipping perishable Goods Guidelines for more specific instructions.

UPS Ground: The transit time for ground shipping depends on your Zip code. Please refer to the UPS map below it will give you a general idea of time in transit for your location.


Please read carefully the following information regarding the shipment of perishable Goods.

Small Perishable Product (SMP) This refers to one individual piece of chilled or frozen Product e.g. one black pudding , tub of butter, 1lb of sausages. The letters SMP are always in the item number and a reminder will always pop up to remind you that this item has special shipping requirements which I will outline below.

Large Perishable Product( LGP) This refers to a collection of small perishable items sold as a package as in our breakfast Baskets.( Please note if you order one of these items you may include as many SMP items as will fit in the insulated container with your LGP products.)


Shipping restrictions for perishable goods

Perishable items have shipping restrictions put in place to minimize time in transit and to insure that your perishable items arrive in perfect condition.

Shipping Restrictions

1. All orders must be delivered to shipping address within two days of leaving our premises. Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping method.


2. No perishable items will be shipped after Wednesday, as they would sit in shipper warehouses over weekend and spoil.


3. Any order containing a small perishable (SMP) product must have a minimum of four SMP before we can ship it. Please let me explain reason for this, when we ship perishable items we use insulated containers (you can reuse them also), one or two perishable items are not enough to keep the temperature inside the container at the correct level to insure it arrives at its final destination in perfect condition. Please click on this link too see a USDA report on the handling of frozen food.


4. Bread that is imported is considered a perishable item , It is not required to be placed in an insulated container but must be delivered with in two days of being shipped please choose your shipping method accordingly.


5.We are prohibited from shipping perishable goods outside of the USA.


Choosing a shipping Method

We recommend when shipping perishable goods that UPS next day air or 2nd day air be selected. Unfortunately this option is more expensive . However, if your shipping address is within the 1-2 transit days outlined below by UPS then you may choose UPS ground. We always double check every order so don't worry any problems we will contact you and of course it you have any questions or you find this confusing please call us at 1(718) 784 1078 we will gladly help you choose the correct shipping method for your order.


Important things to remember when ordering perishable products.

* We are not responsible if shipping address provided is not correct, we will not refund any portion of the cost of perishable    goods spoiled as a result of incorrect address.
* Please make sure there is someone home to accept delivery especially if it contains perishable products again we are not  

   responsible and will not refund any portion of the cost if perishable goods spoil as a result of nobody home to accept

* We will only refund the cost of spoiled perishable products that arrive late due to courier error.


Satisfaction Guarantee

At we continually strive to provide you with quality products and excellent service.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your shopping experience with us, please let us know.

By placing your order , you are accepting the terms and practices as described in this shipping policy and our terms of use policy. If for any reason you do not agree with our policies well then your only course of action is not to use or shop at our store.

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